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"Bernard possesses an outstanding ability to understand how correct Italian diction can be combined with musicality and expressiveness. He is an excellent Italian language and music coach!"

~ Matteo Dalle Fratte

Founder of Melofonetica,

Italian coach at Royal Opera House

"His playing combines secure reliability with an inquisitive imagination which manifests itself most sharply in matters of tone-colour, sensitivity of micro-timing in matching the singer, and an ability to maintain a sense of energy and flow without ever seeming mechanistic and unyielding."

~ Robin Bowman

International Vocal Coach and Collaborative Pianist

"Bernard is a talented and reliable collaborator with the facilities to play all of the styles demanded, backed up with a thorough understanding of the way the texts work with different voices. He is also a competent vocal coach and is a performer I have very much valued and enjo­yed working with."

~ Richard Owens

Director of Emporio Opera, spinto tenor

"An outstanding performance marked by technical excellence and fluency, original approach to interpretation and highly developed sense of ensemble playing. There have been a very impressive range of sonorities and great sensitivity to tonal, harmonic and register changes in his playing."

~ Mikhail Kazakevich

Russian Concert Pianist