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PINYIN TO SINGING: The Art of Sung Chinese

"Pinyin to Singing" is a first-of-its-kind method of diction for singers in Mandarin Chinese, based on the widely-recognised Romanisation of the language, the Pinyin system.

Founded by collaborative pianist and vocal coach, Dr. Bernard Tan, this method aims to provide clear foundation to the sung phonetics of Mandarin Chinese, which is accessible, relatable and comprehensible to English speakers, and to those familiar in singing in the Romance languages of Italian, German and French.

By using "Pinyin to Singing", singers can learn to produce sounds authentic to this language and sing the texts using the Pinyin of the characters with ease. This provides an opportunity for the vast amount of vocal repertoire written in Chinese accessible to the music scene in non-Asian countries.

Coaching sessions using "Pinyin to Singing" provides insights to transferring Pinyin alphabets to the sung phonetics, the understanding of the sound structure of the language, and the application of the sounds in music making in singing.


A lecture-recital was presented by Dr. Tan in March 2020 at University of Michigan on the art of sung Chinese.

For more information regarding "Pinyin to Singing" and to enquire a coaching, please contact Dr. Tan here.